Writing therapy

Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purpose, also known as expressive writing or writing for wellbeing, is a simple and rewarding way towards self-expression and reflection that has been shown to boost resilience and build confidence by helping us gain insight and perspective on events in our lives. No prior writing skill or experience is necessary and there is no requirement for you to write in a particular style or language or to share what you have written unless you wish to. This is not writing for publication but rather taking time to make space to write for yourself, focusing on process and content rather than spelling or grammar. All you require is a little time, a pen and paper and a willingness to explore.

Work can be done alone or if you prefer I offer a range of approaches lasting from one hour sessions to day long workshops. Using a diverse range of exercises and materials from poems, images and objects to facilitate and support your exploration. Writing in this way is increasingly recognised and doctors and other health care professions are prescribing such activities to boost mental and psychical health through schemes like Social Prescribing.

I currently offer support for writing therapy either one on one or in groups please get in touch to find out more.